KP Synergies

Listed below is a sample of comments received from KP Synergies' clients and other industry professionals.

Equity GroupAfter having retained KP Synergies for multiple projects over the past few months, I am extremely satisfied with the quality of work, quick turnaround times, and cost-effective solutions offered by them.  The use of KP Synergies’ services has allowed SEG to unlock our top-line growth by outsourcing our core work to their highly skilled talent pool.

Chris Kramer, Managing Director, Strategic Equity Group – California, USA

KPMG Having worked with the professionals at KP Synergies on numerous projects in the past, I am well aware of their exceptional financial acumen, professionalism and work ethic.  I am confident that their services will be highly appreciated by clients and would definitely recommend KP Synergies to anyone looking to delegate their financial modeling and research tasks to an outside firm.

Jim Belles, Managing Director, Economic And Valuation Services at KPMG - California, USA

I am extremely satisfied with the financial projections model KP Synergies developed for me.  After explaining my requirements to their professionals, I received the model from KP Synergies within the defined timeframe and regularly use it to prepare documents provided to our Board of Directors and outside investors.

Anand Murthy, Chief Financial Officer, Five Four Group – California, USA

Smart DriveI have worked with the team at KP Synergies for the last five years on projects that varied from financial modeling to business valuation. I find them insightful and easy to deal with, and their work product on par or better than the best financial analysts I have had in my businesses. Before you ask your internal staff to embark on a significant modeling project, I would highly recommend you contact the KP Synergies team.

Richard Davidson, Chief Financial Officer, SmartDrive Systems, Inc. – Nevada, USA

We have engaged KP Synergies on a number of projects on behalf of our clients and found their services to be extremely beneficial. Their ability to present complex financial data in a straightforward and easy-to-follow-format, as well as their value-addition through insightful market research and analysis has made KP Synergies the go-to firm for all our financial modeling and analysis needs.

R. Sudhinder, Partner, Law Firm of Udwadia Udeshi & Co. – New Delhi, India

We recently used KP Synergies’ services on a valuation project for a follow-on investment in one of our portfolio companies. After discussing our needs with them, KP Synergies’ associates developed a detailed valuation model and the end-product was exactly what we were looking for. The model was well laid out, self explanatory, and allowed us to change numerous inputs and see the end result in the expected value of our investment. Needless to say, we will be using KP Synergies’ services in the future and would highly recommend them to others.

Mayank Gupta, Director, Re Point Ventures (Alternative Investments Manager) – Dubai, UAE