KP Synergies

Case Study: Part-Time Support Model

Client Background: Our client, a leading valuation and financial advisory firm in New England, needed to increase productivity without the commitment of a full-time analyst. Within a week of signing a contract, we assigned one of our dedicated financial analysts to them who worked part-time on the clients’ templates, providing extensive support in adherence with client valuation methods and presentation standards.

Service Offerings: The client engaged KP Synergies to allocate an analyst to them part-time, and provided us with instructions and templates to complete projects. Initial service offerings included:
  1. Valuation Projects, including ESOP valuations and Gift/Estate Tax valuations
  2. Industry & Market Research Reports
  3. Collection of Market Data
  4. Comparable Company Analysis
  5. Transaction Reports
Results: Our client hired one of KP Synergies’ dedicated analysts on a part-time basis to improve the productivity of their team members by handling various parts of their projects. The client has benefited from continuous support without any downtime for over two years, and at a fraction of what it would cost in the US. There were no overheads associated with the part-time hire, and all personnel and management issues were handled by KP Synergies. Productivity has gone up as the analyst is able to work during the night hours in the US, with projects ready for clients first thing in the morning. The client has also been able to increase flexibility in its staffing needs on short notice and low cost.

Case Study: Expand Core Competencies

Client Background: Our client, a valuations company based in Connecticut, was approached by an end-client to complete a valuations project for financial reporting. As this was outside of their core competencies, our mandate was to complete the projects end-to-end, while educating the client about the process, requirements and standards for such a project. After discussing the project, we submitted a data request list and management questionnaire required for the financial reporting model.

Service Offerings: We provided a team of dedicated analysts, who were able to help our client complete a valuations project for financial reporting by:
  1. Designing a customized excel template for client use in future financial reporting models
  2. Completing an ASC-350 (Purchase Price Allocation) project from start to finish, with deliverables in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Work and Adobe PDF
  3. Participating in the audit review process with a Big Four accounting firm, including conference calls and written responses to auditor questions
Results: The KP Synergies team completed a project which was previously not offered by the client, which helped the client establish a stronger relationship with the referral source. By doing so, they increased their in-house service offerings to include projects they did not previously specialize in, procured a fall-back model for future fair-value projects, and at a significantly lower cost than if the analysis had been sourced from a strategic consulting firm in the United States.

Case Study: Outsourcing Junior-to-Mid Level Analyst Functions

Client Background: A prominent business valuation firm focusing on valuation of private companies throughout the United States approached KP Synergies to streamline certain parts of the valuation process. Within two weeks, we created a custom package for the client that would allow them to outsource the beginning stages of a valuation project.

Service Offerings: KP Synergies had fully adopted the clients’ research methods and delivered a range of standardized materials, including:
  1. Financial Statement Spreads in Excel
  2. Guideline Company Analysis in Excel
  3. Transaction Analysis in Excel
  4. Short descriptions of historical financials in Word
  5. Industry overview in Word
Results: As a result of the solutions provided by KP Synergies, the client is now able to consistently and significantly reduce their turnaround time for valuations projects, allowing them to take on more projects than in the past. We prepare multiple such engagements for this client every month, with added benefits from database subscription savings.

Case Study: Adding Capacity to an Overstretched Team

Client Background: Our client, an expert and independent risk-analysis firm with offices throughout the Southern United States, needed to add capacity to an already overstretched analyst team. KP Synergies was engaged to take a substantial amount of workload off the clients’ teams by creating complete end-to-end valuations projects, including exhibits and reports.

Service Offerings: KP Synergies fully understood and incorporated the clients’ standards in research, analysis and reporting to provide complete reports (including support files and working documents) after client review in the following projects:
  1. A purchase price allocation project for a consumer electronics company.
  2. A 409a valuation for an early stage SaaS provider.
Results: Our committed team enabled the client to generate of additional revenue with no impact on resources or output. With a quicker lead time, KP Synergies was able to help the client accommodate a peak load in work demand, without the commitment of full-time staff. Working on a project-to-project basis with us afforded our client to better utilization of existing resources based on the workload or number of projects.