KP Synergies

Pitch Books Formatting, industry analysis, competitors, recent transactions and valuation football field
Comparable Company Analysis Valuation multiples, financial ratios, historical betas and business overviews for comparable public companies based on identified search criteria
Precedent M&A Transaction Analysis Deal multiples and financial ratios for acquisitions of comparable target companies based on identified search criteria
Industry Research and Analysis Secondary industry research including as well as summary market research studies from industry providers such as IBISWorld, Freedonia, Datamonitor, etc.
Company Research Secondary market research including company background, project pipeline, historical financial performance, competitors, potential buyers etc.
Buyer / Target Lists Compilation of potential strategic and financial buyers for a subject company based on search criteria developed in consultation with our client.
Complete Valuation Models Comprehensive valuation model including historical financials, projections, DCF analysis, comparable companies and precedent transactions
Custom Financial Modeling Financials models built according to client specifications

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