KP Synergies

About Us

Founded in 2008, KP Synergies provides end-to-end valuation support services across valuation advisory, investment banking, institutional investor and management advisory domains.

Our primary focus is on partnering with clients in the Business Valuation industry that provide financial reporting and Fair Market Value services in the United States.

Engaging KP Synergies’ enables our clients to outsource their knowledge and analytics based practices, allowing their in-house teams to focus more on business development and client engagement.

Mission Statements

Our mission is to offer world-class, value-added and customizable support services to our clients in the financial services industry.

At KP Synergies, we believe in exceeding expectations on every front – cost, flexibility, quality and professionalism.

Labor arbitrage through outsourcing allows our clients to benefit from significant cost savings. We offer a flexible engagement model customized to client needs – working project to project, on part of a project or allocating one of our talented analysts to a particular client on a part- or full-time basis based on their individual requirements.

Our onshore-offshore business model gives clients access to a team of analysts specially-trained to improve analytic processes and consistency. This increased flexibility, efficiency and reliability enables clients to free up in-house resources to focus more on business development and client management.

Supported by deep domain expertise and a world-class team, KP Synergies executes client projects to the highest standards including client-specific adjustment, source information and formatting requirements. We use databases and resources that hold up to industry standards, which allow us to stand behind our end-product with the utmost confidence.

Our teams are built on professionalism, commitment and can-do attitude. We adhere to the highest level of data integrity and confidentiality, resulting in a fully auditable work product. We are committed to all our clients, and offer ongoing support for all projects.

Mission Statements

Our value proposition is to enable our clients to outsource their analyst functions by engaging our teams. Clients can utilize their in-house resources more effectively by focusing on new business development, idea generation and client servicing. While upholding outstanding quality, our clients are able to benefit from significant cost savings.

KP Synergies’ flexible engagement model makes available the secondment of full-time equivalent or part-time fully-trained financial analysts. For complete or part-projects, we offer our expert teams to completely support client needs.

We deliver to our client a report that is identical to one if it were produced in-house, providing “Private Label” ready projects including exhibits, reports and all supporting documents.

At KP Synergies, we strive for value-driven, quality products delivered on time.